High-Speed Wi-Fi Through Schools

District will upgrade its wireless network with the current generation of Wi-Fi certified devices.

Wireless access points (AP) is a device that allows wireless connections to a wired network using Wi-Fi or a related standard wireless network protocol.  District will use wireless infrastructure studies to replace previous generation access points and add additional ones to meet the demand for connectivity at each school site.

To get high-speed Internet connectivity from where it enters the building to classrooms, every segment of the network must be able to accommodate high speeds. Even if a school is connected to the Internet via fiber, if the network inside the school is outdated, students will not experience high-speed connectivity in their classrooms. In short, the slowest segment of your network determines the speed of the network downstream from that point.  District will use studies to pinpoint segments that do not meet the minimum speed requirements and will strategize to best address the issue.

Ethernet is a family of networking technologies for LANs.  The district will be upgrading its 1Gbps to 10Gps followed by Dark Fiber by 2019.